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2019 K-12 Theme: MUSIC!

Interpret this how you would like! Can you make sculptures form broken instruments? Artwork painted on top of old sheet music? Artwork created while listening to music? Create new instruments inspired by animal sounds? Be creative and have fun with it!

Artwork for the K-12 theme show needs to be 12x18" in size (or smaller) but not larger! This would include the 1" black mat around the artwork. Please only submit 10 artworks per teacher for this theme show. This is a very large show with many, many teachers so please stick to the 10 artwork limit to be sure there is room for all of the student artwork to be displayed.

2019 Matting Requirements

2019 Teacher Check List

2019 Labels - Greeley Youth Arts Walk

Labels can be edited before printing. Labels fit the Avery template standard size 5160 if you would like to print them on sticky back labels.


Award Certificate if you would like to use for your students. Spot to fill in the student name as well as a spot for you to sign your name at the bottom.

2019Congrats Student Letter

2019 Congrats-Student-Letter spanish

Congrats letter to send home with students if you would like to use it. You can edit as you wish (I usually type in my school location and any other important info)

Color Map 2019

YAM 2019 Map B&W

YAM 2019 Brochure

2019 Color Poster

  • NOW: Around December, you will be contacted by the YAM committee regarding the location of your venue along with contact information
  • Monday, January 7th: Black paper for mounting: this can be picked up at the Central High School from Join Wilson. Each teacher is given a certain amount of black paper for mounting student artwork. Please allow for a 1inch boarder all the way around the artwork. Also remember to attach the provided label in the bottom right corner of the artwork, labels can be downloaded on the website.
  • Monday, January 7th: Along with your black paper, pick up your maps, poster and t-shirt. Shirts were provided by the wonderful folks at the Greeley Creative District. Be sure and thank them!
  • Friday, January 11th: Ribbon count to Lauren Thurman so these can be ordered. Only a handful of extra ribbons will be ordered. Each student receives a participation for their hard work! You will receive the ribbons ASAP to pass out to students to recognize all of their hard work.
  • Friday, February 22nd: Please deliver your “Animal” theme artwork to the K-12 venue: The Academy of Natural Therapy (in the past this was picked up at your school. This will be changing because of the large size of the show. See a committee member if you have questions) You just need to deliver the artwork, the committee will still hang this show. No artwork will be accepted after this date. If you would like to help hang the show, we would love the extra hands!
  • Monday, February 25th: Sometime during this week, Set up your artwork at your specific venue. Contact your venue about a time and how they would like the artwork attached to the walls. (tape, staples, thumbtacks, etc. Each venue will be different. You can also speak with your venue about take down time)
  • Friday March 1st: opening night of the show! I hope that you can be at your venue welcoming kiddos and families. Take time to walk around to the other shows as well, there will be music and dance performances at various locations. It is a fantastic night!